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What's Worth Watching Notes - April 12, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #29 which aired live on Thursday, April 12, will replay Friday at 4am & Saturday at 7pm on Howard 101 (all times Eastern). Thanks to Krysten Ritter & Chris Elliott for chatting with us, and for tweeting your "actors" to us @whatsworthwatch that caused Inside The Actors Studio to jump a big fish.

Coming next week, TV actresses with first names I can't spell.

- Jenny's TV News
{RIP Mike Wallace, Game of Thrones s3 renewal, Chevy Chase Community battle, Jon's new show on Destination America}
- This Is The Week That Was
{Game of Thrones, Inside the Actors Studio, Gossip Girl, Dont Trust the B**** In Apt 23, Mad Men, Justified}
- Interview with Krysten Ritter
- Interview with Chris Elliott
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: April 12 - April 18

Krysten Ritter (@Krystenritter)
- Took a while to say B instead of Bitch in her show's
- Proud the show doesn't drop superfluous vagina jokes
- Feels her character is a bitch in the most positive way
- Pointed out James Vanderbeek wasn't in original script
- Loved making out with Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad
- Hopes to make a final appearance on Breaking Bad despite being dead
- Sold film Life Happens but didn't want to change it for studios
- Decided to make Life Happens on her own, the way she originally set out

Chris Elliott
- Didnt parody Justified w/Eagleheart but the cowboy hat does
- Feels the show is funnier because it's 15 minutes on Adult Swim
- Thinks late night is still great and it all comes from Dave
- Lucky there was a skeleton crew when he first started with Dave
- Knew if Dave laughed at your stuff you were going to be okay
- Originally planned to be a scenic designer
- Tried to write for SNL and got rejected by Jean Doumanian
- Thankful his dad told him to take a gopher job at 30 Rock
- Felt he got to SNL too late in his career
- Stands by Cabin Boy And admits its flawed but goofy
- People dont realize that SNL is a constant audition
- Told his daughter Abby that she didn't have to take SNL for him
- Thinks SNL got catch phrasey with the Billy Crystal years
- Warned JD to stay away from his daughter
- Thrilled Jon was showing someone a scene from Get A Life
- Based Get A Life on living at home with his parents
- FOX wanted Get A Life to be the new Cosby Show and change their brand
- Got endless notes wanting a real sitcom moment with his dad
- Cabin Boy was the first traumatic experience in his career
- Went to SNL after Cabin Boy got lambasted
- Stands by Cabin Boy which looks bizarre if you watch it stoned
- Asked to take a picture by Jenny Hutt twelve times

Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Excited that Gossip Girl has finally returned
- Expertly broke down GG and wondered who the gossip girl really is
- Didnt call in due to being with Howard at AGT

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Pointed out how Jenny's pants looked like a planetarium
- Big fan of the whorehouses on Game of Thrones
- Pictured Ronnie watching Gossip Girl in a skulls shirt
- Feels Inside the Actors Studio jumped the shark with Billy Joel
- Wondered how Stan Humphries got involved on Gossip Girl
- Laughed at his own joke and feels he is funny

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Asked Jenny to do a Fletch impression
- Upset Jon inferred that Inside the Actors Studio jts'd with Ben Affleck
- Noted bitch stood for being in total control of herself
- Insulted Cabin Boy directly to Chris Elliott
- Threatened to hang out with Chris Elliott

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Feels Morley Safer is questioning his own mortality
- Yelped at the end of last GoT episode
- Pointed out Jon's diabetes when announcing his new TV hosting gig
- Did her best Chevy Chase impression reading Community story
- Declared Krysten Ritter's bitch character to be an educator
- Has corresponded with Chris Elliott since our interview

Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Misses the old 60 Minutes anchors including U of M's Mike Wallace
- Ridiculously excited about new locations in GoT opening credits
- Figures Mad Men writers had lots of issues growing up
- Feels Inside the Actors Studio jumped the shark w/Teri Hatcher
- Marveled how Ronnie's TV review has turned into a Gossip Girl update
- Isn't sure if he can stomach Girls on HBO

What’s Worth Watching
April 12 - 18

8p         Community (NBC)
             American Idol (FOX)
830p     30 Rock (NBC)  
9p         Touch (FOX)
             Person of Interest (CBS)
930p     Up All Night (NBC) {1st season finale}
10p       Awake (NBC)
             Scandal (ABC)

8p        The Finder (FOX)
            Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        Fringe (FOX)
            Grimm (NBC)
            Lionel Richie & Friends (CBS)
10p      Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            In Plain Sight (USA)

8p        Titanic (ABC) mini series
9p        Being Human (BBCA) {4th season finale}
1130p  Saturday Night Live (NBC) {Josh Brolin & Gotye}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
            Frozen Planet (DISC)
9p        Game of Thrones (HBO)
            The Good Wife (CBS)
            The Killing (AMC)
            Nurse Jackie (SHO)
930p    The Big C (SHO)
10p      Mad Men (AMC)
Eastbound & Down (HBO) {3rd season finale}
            The Borgias (SHO)
            NYC 22 (CBS) {pilot}
1030p  Girls (HBO) {pilot}

8p        The Voice (NBC)
            Bones (FOX)
            Gossip Girl (CW)
830p    Two Broke Girls (CBS)
9p        House (FOX)
            Eureka (SYFY) {5th season premiere}
10p      Smash (NBC)
            Castle (ABC)

8p        Glee (FOX)
830p    Cougar Town (ABC)
9p        New Girl (FOX)
            The Voice (NBC) {live eliminations}
            Ringer (CW) {1st season finale}
930p    Raising Hope (FOX) {2nd season finale}
10p      Deadliest Catch (DISC)

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
9p        Modern Family (ABC)
930p    Don't Trust The B*** In Apt 23 (ABC)
10p      South Park (COMEDY)
            Whitechapel (BBCA)

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What's Worth Watching Notes - March 29, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #28 which aired live on Thursday, March 29 will replay Friday at 4am  & Saturday at 7pm on Howard 101 (all times Eastern). Thanks for tweeting your questions to us @whatsworthwatch for two television greats - Paul Feig & John Ratzenberger.

We miss you, Jenny. Hope you're empowered. It'll take us weeks to recover.

- JD's TV News 
{Anchorman 2 on Conan, Modern Family raises, Glee casting, Idiot Abroad spinoff, Life's Too Short renewal, Game of Thrones return}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Mad Men, Luck, 30 Rock, Alcatraz, Life's Too Short, Mad Men}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with John Ratzenberger
- What's Worth Watching: March 29 - April 4

Paul Feig (@paulfeig)
- Happy to sit in for Jenny on the show
- Casting Viagra Diaries as things didn't work out with Goldie Hawn
- Just sold a six part show in UK called Rona & Beverly
- Pledged to try to get Jon Hamm on What's Worth Watching
- Noted Conan is the most comic friendly talk show host
- Thinks it's a good thing Modern Family has a big cast with negotiations
- Always gets nervous when stunt casting occurs
- Respects Liam Neeson's full blown AIDS on Life's Too Short
- Gave a shout out to Tim Van Patten for his great directing
- Still hasn't recovered from the death of Lady on Game of Thrones
- Upset Mad Men stole his thin tie/lapels look
- Attributed Zoobie Zoobie Zoo to a two hour premiere
- Regrets not putting Kim Kelly in the opening credits of Freaks & Geeks
- Wanted to open s2 of Freaks & Geeks w/ Lindsay ODing at a Dead show
- Noted you have to piss people off to get the reaction The Killing has
- Dreams of self packaged actors coming in to flesh out any role
- Is ready to cast John Ratzenberger based on his box office success
- Wondered if John's MOST program included people to beat up nerds
- Mourned the cancellation of Luck along with Jon
- Thanked JD for plugging Bridesmaids on Saturday @ 8 on HBO

John Ratzenberger (@dratzenberger)
- Worked ten years in London on a variety of roles before getting Cheers
- Got to sit at a bar for ten years, crack jokes and get paid for it
- Was okay with people thinking he was Cliff Clavin as time went on
- Has freaked people out when walking into in Cheers bars 
- Went to a Cheers bar with his daughter and no one recognized him
- Originally read for Norm and came up with Cliff in the audition room
- Frankly confessed to not knowing how to audition and lost his dignity
- Feels Cheers has stood the test of time because of the writing 
- Cheers writers grew up on literary classics and knew what to do
- Thinks writers should write what they know not what they've seen on TV
- Cliff's Jeopardy! episode when he bet 20,000 big ones is a favorite
- Can't get enough useless information on TV and in life
- Also loved the episode when Cheers wrote jokes for Johnny Carson
- Loves voice work since you're indoors and can show up in your pajamas
- Only had two days rehearsal before doing Dancing With The Stars
- Wanted to dance the polka with Edyta since they both were Polish
- Attributed DWTS success to those who want to dress up and go dancing
- Explained how he's the most successful actor based on box office receipts
- Made In America brought dignity and respect to those who do essential jobs
- Works his MOST program to build skill sets to fill open jobs
- Would love to do Cheers reunion but those who own it need to make it happen
- Big fan of Burn Notice and shows that explain why stuff happens
- Recently enjoyed a show on a blue whale whose mouth is 60 feet long

Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Can't take all the drama on Mob Wives
- Watched a rerun of 2 Broke Girls that he already saw
- Gave big props to LL Cool J on NCIS: LA
- Can't get into Mad Men since he has to start at the beginning
- Said he was instructed to be nice on today's show

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Filled in for Jenny and covered TV news with his own theme
- Can't wait for Anchorman 2 sequel announced on Conan
- Needs to do more research regarding Chris Rock talk show and Modern Family raises
- Noted Glee has been stunt casting for a long time
- Chose Game of Thrones over Mad Men because of nudity
- Mentioned Jon noting The Killing to be ignored on this week's info

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Loves that Warwick Davis doesn't mind falling on Life's Too Short
- Would choose Mad Men over Game of Thrones as his Sunday night show
- Wasn't bothered by Zoobie Zoobie Zoo as it made you "feel" the room

Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Wondered if Anchorman 2 announcement was a Leno snub
- Wouldn't mind Modern Family changing their Lily
- Predicted Glee has one season left at the most
- Has been charmed by Warwick Davis on Life's Too Short
- Thinks he's part of Game of Thrones which returns April 1
- Reacted like Don Draper to Zoobie Zoobie Zoo overkill
- Felt 30 Rock knocked it out of the park with Normal Al
- Will still not be watching The Killing because of the season 1 ending

What’s Worth Watching
March 29 - April 4
8p        Community (NBC)
             Big Bang Theory (CBS)  
             American Idol (FOX)
830p    30 Rock (NBC)  
             Rules of Engagement (CBS)
9p        Touch (FOX) 
             Person of Interest (CBS)
930p    Up All Night (NBC)
10p      Awake (NBC) 
             Punk'd (MTV) {9th season premiere}
12a      Delocated! (ADULT SWIM)

8p        Kitchen Nightmares (FOX) {4th season finale}
9p        Fringe (FOX)
            Grimm (NBC)
            CSI: NY (CBS)
10p     Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ) {2nd season finale}
            Blue Bloods (CBS)  {John Ratzenberger's pick}
            In Plain Sight (USA) 

6p        NCAA Final Four (CBS)
8p        Escape Routes (NBC) {pilot}
            Teen Choice Awards (NICK)
            COPS (FOX) {JD's pick}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        Country Music Awards (CBS)
            The Apprentice (NBC)
            The Killing (AMC) {2nd season premiere to be ignored}
9p        Game of Thrones (HBO) {2nd season premiere} {Jon's & Paul Feig's pick}
            Shameless (SHO) {2nd season finale}
10p      House of Lies (SHO) {1st season finale}
             Mad Men (AMC) {Steve's pick}
1030p  Californication (SHO) {5th season finale}
8p        Dancing With The Stars (ABC) 
            The Voice (NBC)
            Bones (FOX) {7th season premiere}
            The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABCF)
            Gossip Girl (CW) {Ronnie's pick}
9p        NCAA Basketball Championship (CBS)
            House (FOX) {new time slot}
            Being Human (SYFY)
10p     Smash (NBC)

8p       Raising Hope (FOX) 
           The Biggest Loser (NBC)
830p  Cougar Town (ABC)
9p       New Girl (FOX)
           The Voice (NBC) {results show}
930p   Breaking In (FOX) 
10p     Justified (FX)

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
            One Tree Hill (CW) {series finale}
830p    Best Friends Forever (NBC) {pilot}
930p    Bent (NBC) {season finale}
930p    Happy Endings (ABC) {2nd season finale}
10p      South Park (COMEDY)            
             Whitechapel (BBCA)

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What's Worth Watching Notes - March 22, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #27 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101. Thanks for tweeting your questions to us @whatsworthwatch.Glad we called Saul.

Next week in studio, the actor who played the infamous Boston area mailman who answered a Jeopardy! question "who are three people who have never been in my kitchen", John Ratzenberger.

- Jenny's TV News 
{Rosie cancelled and OWN struggles, X Factor judges, Cougar Town ratings up, 30 Rock live, American Bible challenge}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Dancing With The Stars, Community, Pretty Little Liars, Bent, The Walking Dead}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Bob Odenkirk
- What's Worth Watching: March 22 - March 28
Bob Odenkirk (
- Loves being called a comedy hero
- Comedy has always meant way too much to him
- Feels that comedy is a place to comment on the world around you
- Has no issue with just being silly and isn't judgmental on other comedy
- Is warily looking forward to The Three Stooges movie
- Created Mr. Show as a reaction to how things were done on SNL back then
- Used cue cards, rehearsed the scenes, and rewrote on Mr. Show
- SNL has changed a lot since the time that he was there
- Hinted there might be some Mr. Show reunions coming up soon
- Saul on Breaking Bad was originally supposed to do 3 or 4 episodes
- Creators were happy with Saul being funny and a break from the show tension
- Thought they called the wrong guy to play Saul on Breaking Bad
- Actually got a casting call when at SNL that was actually for someone else
- Wants to have a crazy death on Breaking Bad, if and when it happens
- Learns his lines verbatim on Breaking Bad as he did on Larry Sanders
- Discovered Tim & Eric who sent him a DVD and a bill for it
- Likes directing best but acting with a good script is a close second
- Thought Mr. Show could have been bigger when it aired
- Favorite Python sketch is Hide And Seek championship
- Excited about Lets Do This! at Adult Swim and hopes to do more
- Will be back on Breaking Bad next season, possibly as a ghost
Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Recapped The Walking Dead finale and Lori's feelings for her family
- Still annoyed with Gossip Girl being off but couldn't remember the name
- Lobbied for a walk on role on Gossip Girl
- Was being driven around by a maniac while wearing a skull shirt
- Doesn't even know what's on TV anymore

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Upset by Jenny littering the studio with her news stories
- Fondly recalled the live episode of Roc
- Likened the first 20 mins of Walking Dead to Saving Private Ryan of zombies
- Favorite Python sketch is Dead Parrot but feels its hacky to say

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Thinks 30 Rock doing a live episode is a cool move
- Loves Lisa Lampanelli but it won't keep him watching Celebrity Apprentice
- Thanked Bob Odenkirk for the break in the tension of Breaking Bad
- Revealed his dad forced him to watch all of Python at a young age

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Was overwhelmed by tons of paper
- Personally spoke to Rosie O'Donnell and assured us she's doing just fine
- In love with the lead actor in Bent which won't be on for much longer
Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Knows what people want to see on OWN is Oprah
- Would love to see Britney Spears in the X Factor judge chair
- Loved the last 15 minutes of The Walking Dead finale and Herschel's shotgun
- Assured Walking Dead fans that their zombie questions would be answered
- Once again told Jenny Hutt "you know nothing"
- Will be watching Game of Thrones and NOT The Killing on Sunday nights
- Favorite Python sketch is The Argument Clinic
- Predicts The Office will return but a lot of people will be gone
- Saw the Mad Men premiere and thought it was very good

What’s Worth Watching
March 22 - March 28

7p         NCAA Tournament (CBS)
8p         Community (NBC) 
             American Idol (FOX)
830p     30 Rock (NBC)  
9p         30 Rock (NBC)  {special time}
             Touch (FOX) {time slot premiere} {Jenny's pick}
930p     Up All Night (NBC)
10p       Archer (FX) {3rd season finale}
             Awake (NBC)
12a       Delocated! (ADULT SWIM)

7p        NCAA Tournament (CBS)
8p        Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        Fringe (FOX)
10p      Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)
            In Plain Sight (USA)

7p        NCAA Tournament Elite 8 (CBS)
9p        The Firm (NBC)

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
            Once Upon A Time (ABC)
9p        Mad Men (AMC) {5th season premiere}  {Steve's pick}
            Luck (HBO) {series finale}
            The Good Wife (CBS)
            The Apprentice (NBC)
10p      Eastbound & Down (HBO)
1030p  Life's Too Short (HBO)
1230a  Check It Out (ADULT SWIM) {JD's pick}

8p        Dancing With The Stars (ABC)
            The Voice (NBC)
            Alcatraz (FOX) {1st season finale}
            The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABCF)
9p        Being Human (SYFY)
10p      Smash (NBC)

8p       Raising Hope (FOX)
           The Biggest Loser (NBC)
9p       New Girl (FOX)
930p   Breaking In (FOX)
10p     Justified (FX)  {Ronnie's pick}

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
9p        Bent (NBC)
930p    Happy Endings (ABC)
10p      Hot In Cleveland (TVLAND)
            South Park (COMEDY)
            Whitechapel (BBCA) {2nd season premiere} {Jon's pick}