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What's Worth Watching Notes - February 23, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #23 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101. Good news, if you want your MTV.

- Jenny's TV News 
{Colbert disappearance, Dr. Phil #1 in syndication, Simpsons 500th episode, Conan extension}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Life's Too Short, Celebrity Apprentice, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Eastbound & Down}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- Interview with Rob Tannenbaum & Craig Marks
- What's Worth Watching: February 23 - February 29

Rob Tannenbaum & Craig Marks (@tannenbaumr & @craigmarks)
- Co-authors of the book "I Want My MTV"
- Noted Gary Dell'Abate used MTV to get laid
- Bands who had real music careers despised MTV because they had to pretend
- Record companies didn't see the value in giving away videos to MTV
- CBS Records & MTV still dispute when Billie Jean video was going to be added
- Everyone high on coke 30 years ago leads to multiple versions of the truth
- MTV tipped the balance in music to hot chicks and good looking dudes
- ZZ Top & Huey Lewis showed if you had a good idea, looks didn't matter
- Martha Quinn is still heartbroken over being fired to this day
- It was the directors who invented music videos, and they were all crazy
- Recalled Stevie Nicks calling MTV to play her video to see how her hair looked
- Madonna humping the floor in a wedding dress is the ultimate VMA moment
- Artists like The Bangles would write songs with the video in mind
- Acknowledge MTV had to change one day from constantly playing videos
- Book ends in 1992 when Real World debuted and videos decline
- MTV had to retire Home Sweet Home & Pour Some Sugar On Me
- Neidermeyer called Twisted Sister's Dee Snider the ugliest man in the world
- Non metal Adam Curry kept his Headbangers Ball jacket with his satin jacket
- Axel Rose went to Rikki Rachtman audition and Adam Curry still hates him
- People unanimously agree Billy Squier Rock Me Tonight is the worst video ever
- Thriller ratings were so high MTV couldn't reach them without their own events
- Disagree MTV got ruined when they started with the rap stuff
- Ted Demme created Yo MTV Raps which ended up taking over the channel
- Favorite MTV videos were Hot For Teacher and Total Eclipse of the Heart
Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Recapped Gossip Girl and Blair's feelings for Dan who has feelings for Blair
- Noted the real Charlie Rose showed up which caused a problem
- Claimed the one word to describe The Walking Dead is "simply amazing"

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Feels Liam Neeson should get some kind of Emmy for Life's Too Short
- Admitted to having a crush on MTV VJ Idalis
- Tried to ask MTV questions from the Whats Worth Watching Twitter feed
- Favorite MTV videos were Thriller & Baby Got Back
- Unsure what contrarian meant when picking Independent Spirit Awards

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Hopes Jason Sudekis is in the full season of Eastbound & Down
- Celebrity Apprentice is causing DVR conflict on Sunday nights
- Deemed Gary Dell'Abate the Macgyver of getting laid
- All time favorite MTV video was Axel playing piano in November Rain

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Pointed out Martha Stewart revealed her mom's illness on air
- Noted you can see everything Bart ever wrote on his bulletin board
- Went to a friend's house in Islip to watch her MTV
- Told us her dad was in the music business and involved with MTV
- Recreated the dance from Beat It at parties watching MTV
- Was upset by the failed continuity in Parents Just Dont Understand
- Reminded us that Run DMC played her Sweet Sixteen
- All time favorite MTV video was Parents Just Dont Understand
Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Doesn't watch Dr. Phil but understands that some people do
- Roots for Conan who just got a TBS extension but is fascinated by his demise
- Feels Lilly on Modern Family is not cute and contrived
- Unsure where Sons of Anarchy is going to go but wants Kurt Sutter on this show
- Concerned that Mad Men has taken off too much time in between seasons
- Favorite MTV video was Round and Round by Ratt
- Wishes he was excited about the Oscars and picked The Artist for Best Picture

What’s Worth Watching
February 23 – February 29

8p         30 Rock (NBC)
             American Idol (FOX)
             The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
             Wipeout (ABC)
830p    Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9p        The Office (NBC)  {Steve's pick}
             Person of Interest (CBS) 
             Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
             Lifeguard! (WEATHER)  {Jon's pick}
930p    Up All Night (NBC)
10p       Archer/Unsupervised (FX)
11p       Inside Comedy (SHO) {Larry David}
12a       Delocated

8p        Undercover Boss (CBS)
            Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        Fringe (FOX)
            Grimm (NBC)
            A Gifted Man (CBS)
10p     Blue Bloods (CBS)
            Portlandia/Todd Margaret (IFC)
            Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)

830p    NBA All Star Weekend (TNT)
9p         Being Human (BBCA) {4th season premiere}
             The Firm
10p      An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE)
             Independent Spirit Awards (IFC) {JD's pick}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
830p    The 84th Annual Academy Awards (ABC)  {Jenny's pick}
9p         The Apprentice (NBC)
             The Walking Dead (AMC)
             Luck (HBO)
930p    Goose (ESPN)
10p      Eastbound & Down (HBO)
             Comic Book Men (AMC)
1030p  Life's Too Short (HBO)
8p       House (FOX)
            Gossip Girl (CW) 
            The Voice (NBC)
830p   Two Broke Girls (CBS)
9p        Being Human (SYFY)
            Alcatraz (FOX)
10p     Smash (NBC)
            Castle (ABC)
            Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

8p       American Idol (FOX)
            The Biggest Loser (NBC)
            Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
830p   Cougar Town (ABC)
9p       The River (ABC)
10p     Justified (FX)
            Southland (TNT)
            Unforgettable (CBS)
            Parenthood (NBC) {3rd season finale}
            White Collar (USA) {3rd season finale}

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            The Middle (ABC)
            Survivor (CBS)
9p        Modern Family (ABC)
10p      Face Off (SYFY)
             Psych (USA)

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