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What's Worth Watching Notes - March 1, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #24 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101. Ronnie will still be mourning his loss of Gossip Girl until April 2nd.

Next week on What's Worth Watching - Parks & Recreation's Adam Scott live in studio.

- Interview with Garret Dillahunt
- Jenny's TV News 
{Oscars ratings, Spader leaves The Office, Midseason TV changes}
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Oscars, Life's Too Short, Independent Spirit Awards, Parks & Rec, The Walking Dead}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: March 1 - March 7

Garrett Dillahunt (@GarretDillahunt)
- Came in ten minutes before the show started and hung out with us
- Likes Jon's unique pronunciation of his last name
- Initially started out in comedy and couldn't get drama auditions
- Wishes he could emulate a lot of what Burt Chance is
- Wanted to avoid the sitcom stereotype of a couple and actually like each other
- Said Cloris Leachman is crazy like a fox on the Raising Hope set
- Cracks up all the time at work and tries shtuff that gets put into the show
- Tired of answering questions about Caps/Skins stuff since he's from Seattle
- Wanted to audition for Bullock on Deadwood but Tim Olyphant was cast
- Ability to freakily close one eye got him the role of Jack McCall on Deadwood
- Was slated to play Hearst in s2 but ended up being a sexual sadist in s3
- Nervous he'd ruin Deadwood coming back as a different character
- Recommends watching David Milch shows close captioned
- Insists there's no one better at dialogue than David Milch
- Deadwood was originally supposed to be set in Rome, not a western
- Challenged by not showing emotion as Cromartie on Sarah Connor Chronicles
- Has always been a workaholic which has sometimes bitten him in the ass
- Didn't expect 65 hour weeks on Raising Hope due to all the weird setups
- Had a snake shit on him since he failed to hold it level
- Revealed Jason Lee will be in the season finale of Raising Hope
- Vowed to be in every Cormac McCarthy he can be in
- Auditioned 4 times for Moss in No Country For Old Men but knew it was futile
- Has tried to put a show together with Norm McDonald who throws a good party
- Likes watching Justified, Modern Family, and Ultimate Fighter type stuff
- Unsure of why John from Cincy didn't work but is happy to be on a Milch failure
- Wanted to do Luck but Raising Hope schedule prevents him from doing so
Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Broke down Sunday night to "Walking Dead - awesome show"
- Recapped the complicated situation that Blair is in on Gossip Girl
- Was unsure if Prince Louie was from England or Monaco Schmonaco
- Depressed Gossip Girl will be off until April 2nd

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Let Garret Dillahunt know that Norm McDonald didn't give a fuck about anything
- Couldn't believe E! was interviewing limo drivers on pointless red carpet shows
- Learned GCB stands for Good Christian Bitches
- Feels Angelina Jolie really isn't anything all the special
- Movie/TV crossovers were MASH, Clerks, The Odd Couple
- TV/Movie crossovers were Starsky & Hutch, Police Squad, Da Ali G Show

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Feels Parks & Rec off only until April isn't a Mad Men hiatus
- Likes that they're upping the kills every week on The Walking Dead
- Edited 40 more seconds of Ronnie's Gossip Girl thing
- Disagreed Sean Bean was a movie star who went to TV

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Hasn't gotten used to sleeping with a stocking on her head
- Likened Jon to an unemotional Terminator
- Insisted that Raising Hope was shot on Long Island
- Enjoyed Garret's pronunciation of finale
- Outraged over Angelina Jolie sticking out her leg at the Oscars
- Agreed with Jon The Artist and Jean Dujardin deserved their Oscars
Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Couldn't pronounce Garett Dillahunt's last name correctly
- Didn't know what to call Garrett Dillahunt's character on Terminator
- Feels the Oscars lost its luster with the accessibility of movie stars everywhere
- Wishes the red carpet shows would joke as Joan Rivers originally did
- Thinks The Office is a mess right now with Andy in charge
- Wants to see Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer on FOX, period
- Told Jenny she knows nothing of season 2 of Game of Thrones coming April 1
- Alone thinking the Starsky & Hutch movie wasn't all that funny

What’s Worth Watching
March 1 - March 7

8p         30 Rock (NBC)
             American Idol (FOX)
830p     Parks & Recreation (NBC)
9p         The Office (NBC) 
930p     Up All Night (NBC)
10p       Archer/Unsupervised (FX)
             Awake (NBC) {pilot} {JENNY'S PICK}
11p       Inside Comedy (SHO) {Sarah Silverman/Garry Shandling}
12a       Delocated

8p        Undercover Boss (CBS)
            Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        A Gifted Man (CBS) {1st season finale}
            Grimm (NBC)
10p      Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            Blue Bloods (CBS)
            Portlandia/Todd Margaret (IFC)
            Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)

8p        Superstars of 70's Soul Live (PBS)
            Q'Viva! The Chosen (FOX)
9p        Being Human (BBCA) {pilot}
            The Firm (NBC)
10p      An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE)
            Hot Chick MMA Fight (SHOWTIME)  {JD'S PICK}
1130p  Saturday Night Live (NBC) {Lindsay Lohan/Jack White} {STEVE'S PICK}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
            Downton Abbey: Behind The Drama (PBS)  {JON'S PICK}
830p    Napoleon Dynamite (FOX) {1st season finale}
9p        The Walking Dead (AMC)  {RONNIE'S PICK}
            Luck (HBO)
            The Good Wife (CBS)
            The Apprentice (NBC)
10p      Eastbound & Down (HBO)
            Comic Book Men (AMC)
            GCB (ABC) {pilot}
1030p  Life's Too Short (HBO)
8p        Alcatraz (FOX)  {double episode}
            The Voice (NBC)
9p        Being Human (SYFY)
10p      Smash (NBC)

8p       Raising Hope (FOX) {new time slot}
           The Biggest Loser (NBC)
           Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
830p   Cougar Town (ABC)
9p       New Girl (FOX)
           The River (ABC)
930p   Breaking In (FOX) {2nd season premiere}
10p     Justified (FX)
           Southland (TNT)
           Demi Lovato: Stay Strong (MTV)

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
930p    Happy Endings (ABC)
10p      Face Off (SYFY)
            Hot In Cleveland (TVLAND)
            Rock Center (NBC) {new time slot}

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