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What's Worth Watching Notes - March 8, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #25 will replay Friday at 4am Eastern AND Saturday at 7pm Eastern on Howard 101. Sorry about the phones, but thanks for tweeting your questions to us @whatsworthwatch.

Next week on What's Worth Watching - The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik (yes, she was Blossom).

- Jenny's TV News 
{DVR ratings effect, 2 Parks & Rec endings, Amazon original programming, Terra Nova cancelled, Justified picked up, The Wire bracket}
- Interview with Adam Scott
- This Is The Week That Was 
{Parks & Rec, The Walking Dead, GCB, Awake, Saturday Night Live}
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: March 8 - March 14

Adam Scott (@mradamscott)
- Freaked out about seeing the faces that belong to the Stern voices
- Friends with Hamm & Westfield for 15 years and felt his part was about him
- Revealed Amy Poehler wrote Bababooey line for Adam on Parks & Rec
- Had a disastrous conversation with Howard at the Kimmel party
- Howard is the one hot girl everyone goes to the Kimmel party to meet
- Told Howard his show was terrifically entertaining and Beth bailed him out
- The writers on Parks & Rec slice the bologna thin and don't take leaps
- Okay with hiatus since season finale will end with other Thursday night shows
- Will be on at 930 after The Office in April when Parks & Rec returns
- Martin Starr is not mean but played a great prick as Roman on Party Down
- Party Down originally had Paul Rudd as Henry & Steve Carrell as Ron
- Was originally cast as Roman on Party Down but ended up playing Henry
- Polled us and then revealed only 16,000 people watched the Party Down finale
- Knew no one was watching Party Down at the time they were making it 
- Is trying to make the Party Down movie but difficult to coordinate schedules
- Loved Perderick Hapley belting out some blues at the Parks & Rec wrap party
- Has a visual of JD that will stick with him for the rest of his life
- Lip synched Sweet Child O Mine in the car in Step Brothers
- Tried to record Sweet Child O Mine but Adam McKay said no
- Shot Friends with Kids in 24 days which is like the speed of TV
- Bummed that he couldn't return to Eastbound & Down due to scheduling
- Knows no one over 12 other than Jenny watched him on Boy Meets World
- Wore a prosthetic penis on Tell Me You Love Me which was intense to act on
- Hangs out with the cast of Parks & Rec off the set and they get along very well
- Feels both versions of the season finale are really good and is okay with either
- Thinks there's nothing funnier than a really stupid person
- Written Star Wars and REM into his Parks & Rec character
- Is friends with David Benioff and can't wait for season 2 of Game of Thrones
- Impressed by the economical way the Game of Thrones books are expressed
- Wants a role playing three dimensional board game of Game of Thrones
- Huge Survivor fan which is a great game and the only reality show with integrity
- His key to winning Survivor is to shut the fuck up
- Defended Lindsay Lohan reading cue cards on SNL but didn't see it
- Loves how the villains are all coming together on Justified this season
- Favorite show was Late Night with David Letterman growing up
- Originally thought of himself as a dramatic actor until Step Brothers
- Struggled so long at acting that he still possesses a guest star mentality
Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Offended Gossip Girl has been stopped midseason
- Tried to figure out what was going on with horse on Two Broke Girls
- Walking Dead review of "simply amazing" didn't make the cut

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Let Adam Scott know people think Martin Starr looks like him
- Glad that Jenny didn't bring a tiara in for Adam
- Notice Adam Scott's look when he started to talk
- Feels everyone who goes on Survivor just wants to be famous
- Loves watching guys or girls kicking the shit out of each other
- Thinks Megan Fox is just okay

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Noted how we threaten each other with television spoilers
- Outraged Slim Charles was not represented in The Wire bracket
- Clarified that the phone issues were Sirius wide and not his fault
- Didn't realize it was Adam Scott playing Griff on Boy Meets World

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Only one on the show who watches live TV versus off the DVR
- Feels Amazon is easier to use than iTunes is for shows
- Explained why she brought a tiara from Mayim Bialik
- Upset by Linsday Lohan's appearance on SNL
- Has been to SNL 16-20 times but is forbidden to attend anymore
- Tried a stupid human tick interning on Late Night with David Letterman
Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Wishes there was an accurate ratings system that included DVRs
- Threatened to spoil shows if Jenny ever sang again
- Thrilled Justified got picked up for a 4th season
- Respects Mike Schur's 64 seeded Wire bracket and you can't beat Omar
- Revealed Martin Starr found and returned his name tag at Comic Con
- Was tempted to spoil this week's ep of Survivor for Adam but didn't
- Listens to the theme song of Game of Thrones before each show

What’s Worth Watching
March 8 - March 14

8p         30 Rock (NBC)
             American Idol (FOX)
             The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
830p     Parks & Recreation (NBC)
             Saving Face (HBO)
9p         The Office (NBC) 
             Person of Interest (CBS)
             The Finder (FOX)
930p     Up All Night (NBC)
10p       Archer/Unsupervised (FX)
             Awake (NBC)  {Jenny's pick}
11p       Inside Comedy (SHO) {Mel Brooks/Carl Reiner}
12a       Delocated (ADULT SWIM)

8p        Undercover Boss (CBS)
            Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        The Mentalist (CBS) {special time}
            Grimm (NBC)
            The Ultimate Fighter (FX) {15th season premiere} {JD's pick}
10p      Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            Blue Bloods (CBS)
            Portlandia (IFC) {2nd season finale}
            Spartacus: Vengeance (STARZ)

8p        Don McLean: American Troubadour (PBS)
9p        Game Change (HBO)
10p      An Idiot Abroad (SCIENCE) {2nd season finale}
1130p  Saturday Night Live (NBC) {Jonah Hill/The Shins}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
            The Undefeated (REELZ)
            Harry’s Law (NBC) {new time slot}
9p        The Walking Dead (AMC)
            Luck (HBO)
            The Good Wife (CBS)  {Adam Scott's pick}
            The Apprentice (NBC)
10p      Eastbound & Down (HBO)  {Steve's pick}
            Comic Book Men (AMC)
1030p  Life's Too Short (HBO)
8p        The Bachelor (ABC) {16th season finale}
            The Voice (NBC)
9p        Alcatraz (FOX)
            Being Human (SYFY)
10p      Smash (NBC)

8p       Raising Hope (FOX)
           The Biggest Loser (NBC)
           Switched At Birth (ABC FAMILY)
830p   Cougar Town (ABC)
9p       New Girl (FOX)
           The River (ABC)
930p   Breaking In (FOX)
            Fashion Star (NBC) {pilot}
10p     Justified (FX)  {Jon's pick}
           Southland (TNT)

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
            The Middle (ABC)
9p        Modern Family (ABC)
10p      Face Off (SYFY)  {2nd season finale}
            Hot In Cleveland (TVLAND)
            South Park {16th season premiere}

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