Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Worth Watching Notes - April 12, 2012

What's Worth Watching show #29 which aired live on Thursday, April 12, will replay Friday at 4am & Saturday at 7pm on Howard 101 (all times Eastern). Thanks to Krysten Ritter & Chris Elliott for chatting with us, and for tweeting your "actors" to us @whatsworthwatch that caused Inside The Actors Studio to jump a big fish.

Coming next week, TV actresses with first names I can't spell.

- Jenny's TV News
{RIP Mike Wallace, Game of Thrones s3 renewal, Chevy Chase Community battle, Jon's new show on Destination America}
- This Is The Week That Was
{Game of Thrones, Inside the Actors Studio, Gossip Girl, Dont Trust the B**** In Apt 23, Mad Men, Justified}
- Interview with Krysten Ritter
- Interview with Chris Elliott
- 140 Seconds with Ronnie Mund
- What's Worth Watching: April 12 - April 18

Krysten Ritter (@Krystenritter)
- Took a while to say B instead of Bitch in her show's
- Proud the show doesn't drop superfluous vagina jokes
- Feels her character is a bitch in the most positive way
- Pointed out James Vanderbeek wasn't in original script
- Loved making out with Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad
- Hopes to make a final appearance on Breaking Bad despite being dead
- Sold film Life Happens but didn't want to change it for studios
- Decided to make Life Happens on her own, the way she originally set out

Chris Elliott
- Didnt parody Justified w/Eagleheart but the cowboy hat does
- Feels the show is funnier because it's 15 minutes on Adult Swim
- Thinks late night is still great and it all comes from Dave
- Lucky there was a skeleton crew when he first started with Dave
- Knew if Dave laughed at your stuff you were going to be okay
- Originally planned to be a scenic designer
- Tried to write for SNL and got rejected by Jean Doumanian
- Thankful his dad told him to take a gopher job at 30 Rock
- Felt he got to SNL too late in his career
- Stands by Cabin Boy And admits its flawed but goofy
- People dont realize that SNL is a constant audition
- Told his daughter Abby that she didn't have to take SNL for him
- Thinks SNL got catch phrasey with the Billy Crystal years
- Warned JD to stay away from his daughter
- Thrilled Jon was showing someone a scene from Get A Life
- Based Get A Life on living at home with his parents
- FOX wanted Get A Life to be the new Cosby Show and change their brand
- Got endless notes wanting a real sitcom moment with his dad
- Cabin Boy was the first traumatic experience in his career
- Went to SNL after Cabin Boy got lambasted
- Stands by Cabin Boy which looks bizarre if you watch it stoned
- Asked to take a picture by Jenny Hutt twelve times

Ronnie Mund (@rmlimodriver69)
- Excited that Gossip Girl has finally returned
- Expertly broke down GG and wondered who the gossip girl really is
- Didnt call in due to being with Howard at AGT

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
- Pointed out how Jenny's pants looked like a planetarium
- Big fan of the whorehouses on Game of Thrones
- Pictured Ronnie watching Gossip Girl in a skulls shirt
- Feels Inside the Actors Studio jumped the shark with Billy Joel
- Wondered how Stan Humphries got involved on Gossip Girl
- Laughed at his own joke and feels he is funny

Steve Brandano (@siriusstevieb)
- Asked Jenny to do a Fletch impression
- Upset Jon inferred that Inside the Actors Studio jts'd with Ben Affleck
- Noted bitch stood for being in total control of herself
- Insulted Cabin Boy directly to Chris Elliott
- Threatened to hang out with Chris Elliott

Jenny Hutt (@jenniferhutt)
- Feels Morley Safer is questioning his own mortality
- Yelped at the end of last GoT episode
- Pointed out Jon's diabetes when announcing his new TV hosting gig
- Did her best Chevy Chase impression reading Community story
- Declared Krysten Ritter's bitch character to be an educator
- Has corresponded with Chris Elliott since our interview

Jon Hein (@jonmhein)
- Misses the old 60 Minutes anchors including U of M's Mike Wallace
- Ridiculously excited about new locations in GoT opening credits
- Figures Mad Men writers had lots of issues growing up
- Feels Inside the Actors Studio jumped the shark w/Teri Hatcher
- Marveled how Ronnie's TV review has turned into a Gossip Girl update
- Isn't sure if he can stomach Girls on HBO

What’s Worth Watching
April 12 - 18

8p         Community (NBC)
             American Idol (FOX)
830p     30 Rock (NBC)  
9p         Touch (FOX)
             Person of Interest (CBS)
930p     Up All Night (NBC) {1st season finale}
10p       Awake (NBC)
             Scandal (ABC)

8p        The Finder (FOX)
            Shark Tank (ABC)
9p        Fringe (FOX)
            Grimm (NBC)
            Lionel Richie & Friends (CBS)
10p      Real Time w/Bill Maher (HBO)
            In Plain Sight (USA)

8p        Titanic (ABC) mini series
9p        Being Human (BBCA) {4th season finale}
1130p  Saturday Night Live (NBC) {Josh Brolin & Gotye}

7p        60 Minutes (CBS)
8p        The Amazing Race (CBS)
            Frozen Planet (DISC)
9p        Game of Thrones (HBO)
            The Good Wife (CBS)
            The Killing (AMC)
            Nurse Jackie (SHO)
930p    The Big C (SHO)
10p      Mad Men (AMC)
Eastbound & Down (HBO) {3rd season finale}
            The Borgias (SHO)
            NYC 22 (CBS) {pilot}
1030p  Girls (HBO) {pilot}

8p        The Voice (NBC)
            Bones (FOX)
            Gossip Girl (CW)
830p    Two Broke Girls (CBS)
9p        House (FOX)
            Eureka (SYFY) {5th season premiere}
10p      Smash (NBC)
            Castle (ABC)

8p        Glee (FOX)
830p    Cougar Town (ABC)
9p        New Girl (FOX)
            The Voice (NBC) {live eliminations}
            Ringer (CW) {1st season finale}
930p    Raising Hope (FOX) {2nd season finale}
10p      Deadliest Catch (DISC)

8p        American Idol (FOX)
            Survivor (CBS)
9p        Modern Family (ABC)
930p    Don't Trust The B*** In Apt 23 (ABC)
10p      South Park (COMEDY)
            Whitechapel (BBCA)